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We believe that

Our strong relationships with our clients and suppliers plus the dedication of management are the heart of our success.

About us

Apex was established in the year 2005, which has two distinct departments dealing with both pharmaceutical & medical supplies, and cosmetics.

Our promise

To deliver trust and satisfaction to our clients around the world.

Our vision

To ensure that our company is the customer's first choice through the delivery of high quality products and services.

Our mission statement

To be the most successful company in the pharmaceutical & medical supplies, and cosmetics in Palestine.

Goals and Objectives

  • To partner with more local and international organizations all over the Globe to get positive results by sharing knowledge and transferring skills.
  • To continue providing "High Quality Services" and to continue new services.
  • To ensure providing the best qualified staff to solve our clients' problems.
  • To create the desire in our employees, to continuously improve their standard of work in order to stay ahead of our competitors.
  • To exceed the financial performance of our strongest competitor.
  • To balance long-term growth and short-term results.

Core competence

Few organizations can excel in serving people. Because it's a competence that’s hard to build, it's also hard for competitors to copy or match us.

Business approach

We work hand in hand with our client and partners; we share our experience and desire to change, and our drive to succeed. The result is a system that works, that is acceptable to all parties, with built-in mechanisms for continuous improvement and sustainable development.

Our approach to business is based on:
  • Committed team values.
  • Delighted customers.
  • Public favorability.
  • Total quality management.


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